Sam  Moats    guitAR  HARP  VOCALS

Sam was born near the Umpqua River in Southern Oregon.  At a young age
he started learning to play guitar and the harmonica.
Infused with the sounds of Charlie Musselwhite, Hoyt Axton, Jonathan Edwards, John Mayall
and the brilliance of James Cotton,

Sam created his own style.  In the late 1980's Sam cruised to Anacortes,
Washington.  He met the late Darrell "Rab" Warren,
a true source of talent, humor and inspiration not to be forgotten.
Together with "Bad" Brad DeRouchey, they formed
the Watertown Blues Band and a melody for blues artists to follow.
Sam currently plays and wails his tunes
with heart and soul in the Coyote Blues Band.  Per Sam,
Jimi Hendrix had it right
when he said: "Blues is easy to play
but hard to feel".

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