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This is an aerial view of the Greater Concrete and Grassmere area including the Skagit River and  the confluence of the Baker River with the Skagit at the lower mid-lower right.  Upper left is the Concrete Airport and Concrete School District complex.  Mid-center right is Downtown Concrete.  Upper center is the Grassmere area.  Lower left is the Cedargrove residential area.  Washington State Route (Hiway) 20 is the main route serving the Upper Skagit Valley and is the visible lower hiway line crossing the Baker River.  The upper  road visible crossing the Baker River is the historic Henry Thompson Bridge.  Click on any of the red indicator marker links for points of interest and or services.

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Concrete Town Hall        Med 7 Ambulance       Shannon Dam             School District            Airport                  Silo Park

      Skagit River          Concrete Post Office    Downtown Concrete      Fish Facility           Cascade Supply         Summit Bank

        Hub Tavern           Concrete Storage         Alberts Red Apple    
Grassmere Village        North Cascade Inn     Concrete Fire Dept.

  Thompson Bridge     Lowell Peterson Bridge
    Concrete Mural


The Town of Concrete and the surrounding area is part of the Upper Skagit (ska-jit) Valley located
in the North Cascade Mountains in Northern Washington State. This is a beautiful area to visit. Enjoy camping, fishing, eagle and other bird and animal watching, water sports at our local lakes and rivers, back country hiking, flying and many other outdoor activities. We have some of the finest light pollution free night skies for astronomical activities.  We have most major governmental and other vital services and also host a number of festivals throughout the year.

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